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From the initial study to the production of industrial capital goods, ARPITEC offers turnkey solutions.

General industry

Our business: systems integrator

As a prime contractor, we help companies make the right choice

We work on all phases necessary for the modernization of production tools. On the basis of a preliminary needs analysis, we assess projects in order to develop appropriate solutions.

In which sectors?

  • Plastics and composite materials
  • Agribusiness
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Wood
  • Agricultural machines
  • Engineering industry
  • Foundry

ARPITEC standing up against preconceived ideas

It is crucial for our users to assess the value of automating an operation by taking into account the improvements in quality, the reduction of costs, the volume of production and even profitability. These assessment criteria are to be considered at an early stage. This guarantees rapid Return On Investment.


What are the clichés and misconceptions that hinder industry? We have surveyed a robot manufacturer. ABB played along and identified six points frequently mentioned by business leaders. ARPITEC’s technicians have responded to each of these ideas because they are totally familiar with the levers that drive the projects.


Industrial robot, ABB IRB 1600

[Are solutions using robotics costly?] NO!
« If the price of robots has fallen by 2/3 in the last 15 years, it is the same for the cost of integration. Our motto: Simplicity. It’s with this vision that we work with our clients, by offering solutions that are tailored to their needs and their budget »
Return on their investment
[Amortization takes too long] FALSE!
« Automation is profitable. It takes, on average, 18 months to pay off their investment because they are built using actual charges. We assist companies by making an accurate forecast from the start »
[Robotics increases productivity and quality] TRUE!
« One of the key advantages a robot has is repetitiveness, an undeniable factor to guaranteeing the quality of the products. Competitiveness is the result of optimizing the management of production and shortening of manufacturing times, which are growth factors for businesses »
[Unlike typical machines, a robot is flexible] TRUE!
« A robot allows simple and quick adaptation of manufacturing tools. For small- and micro-businesses, it is the guarantee of efficient speed for series changes. This is an essential reconfiguration if one is to be in line with market needs »
User friendly
[A robots is an intuitive tool] TRUE!
« ARPITEC and robots manufacturers have made the use of robots simple, logical and intuitive. We guarantee a user-friendly working method. We develop interfaces that ensure fast familiarization »
[Robots improve working conditions] TRUE!
« The workers see their professional environment improved: besides the economic growth which naturally comes with the modernization of production tools, the robot is there to relieve the operator who then becomes the operator of the machine. Robotization is a progress-oriented solution which values the workers »

Industrial robot, ABB IRB 1600

The best solution: flexible, effective and economical

Our imagination has no limits

Our teams design and build special machines and robotic applications, in coupled or independent ways.

Our specific devices

  • Welding machine for plastics industry
  • Assembly and cutting tools
  • Robotic soffware development
  • Drilling and screwing
  • Weighing
  • Laser marking

Our robotics applications

  • Loading and unloading of machine
  • Robotic box unload
  • Drilling and screwing
  • Seating
  • Palletization
  • Milling and deburring
  • Polishing and sanding
  • Mounting and assembly
  • Cutting

Multidisciplinarity, an ARPITEC trademark

Combining ground expertise and design skills, ARPITEC offers a realistic approach that allows anticipating difficulties in the early stages of the project

Engineering and design office: from feasibility to virtual validation

Careful thinking about one’s automation project is conditioned by the needs assessment. The integration of the machine into its environment and the choice of suitable equipment are key factors for successful projects.

Our skills

  • Modeling and 3D study
  • Functional study
  • Mecanical and electrical design
  • Technical documentation curiting
  • Cycle time validation
  • Making videos of simulation
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Online robot programms upload to simulation software

Étude robotique


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Étude mécanique


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Études Électrotechnique et automatisme


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In our workshops for the set-up of your installations

We work on all devices. We assemble, program the machine and commission all of our products.

Our services include commissioning and configuration of peri-robotic devices (vision systems, gluing or screwing units,..).

Our teams validate the equipment prior to delivery on site.

Our expertise

  • Mounting and assembly
  • Wiring and installation
  • Commissiong
  • Management and site supervision
  • Reliability and optimization 
  • Technical assistance







Control systems

Control systems

On-site support after delivery

On-site support

At ARPITEC, we intervene beyond the commissioning of our products.

After-sales service is offered to our customers after the on-site installation and we remain attentive to the “life of the product”.


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