Committment and passion

We base our values on respect and responsibility. These foundations provide a balance between employees and with customers. They convey a positive image of ethics and industry trades.

Committment and passion

Our values

Safety and cleanliness at work

The objective of “zero accidents” develops our performance

Our principles: prevention, information and training. For each project, we anticipate occupational hazards that expose employees. Besides the legal obligation, we preserve our employees. Our approach is inscribed in a logic of means and results.

Awareness of the dangers

Each person must be aware of its vulnerability and must apply the fundamental rules of the company. Based on the principle of reciprocity, this approach invites to common sense, to become actors of their own safety and that of his entourage. Multidisciplinarity of our jobs requires careful vigilance for the analysis of the safety of environments, the use of the tools of production and taking into account the danger of the machines.

An organized and clean workplace is a safe workplace

A functional organization helps avoid accidents. Simple adjustments can easily incorporate the daily tasks of employees and allow them to work in a pleasant environment:

  • It organizes its work area: functionally have the equipment allows employees to find what they need when it is necessary.
  • We clean: to clean and rid his yard gradually eliminate the hazards. This approach is respectful for all employees.


is enriching our team, our clients and their projects


We twist the neck clichés affirming our commitment to integration and professional development of women. We offer the same chances and the same opportunities to all and all. Our ambitions are too often frustrated by the lack of women from technical and scientific training.

ARPITEC encourages the feminization of professions with an educational approach by co-signing agreements with training organizations.

Our jobs are not reserved to the men and women we invite our audience to take its place in an innovative universe.

A responsible and collaborative professional culture

“The idea is to put the worker in good conditions so that he feels well at work”, Patrick ROBERT, Patrick ROBERT, founder and manager of ARPITEC

Understanding innovation, new technology means integrating innovative practices. The traditional view of management is over and urges leaders to involve employees differently.

ARPITEC made the choice of the responsibility is becoming the keystone of its managerial system. Everyone can contribute ideas and apply them in consultation with his team. This method induces a proactive partnership stronger and brings significant results: a real plus for our customers who are reaping the benefits of this participatory collaboration.

A responsible and collaborative professional culture


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