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ARPITEC offers turnkey solutions depending on the size of the company, its industry and its needs.

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For the modernization of production tools

How to keep my company competitive?

Industrial robot, KUKA KMR iiwa

This question is key when an industrial company modernizes its production tools. Still too many clichés and misconceptions hinder business growth. However, with the drawing of a set of coherent specifications and appropriate support, automation has become a factor in strategic development regardless of a company’s size. From the very beginning of the projects, we work with customers to identify the chronology of milestones.

Robotisation, a progressive solution for business development

For companies
Launching at a key moment

Robotics has asserted itself as an indispensable solution for maintaining competitiveness in industrial markets, particularly in Europe. It appears as a priority for company development.

For the employees
The operator, a central player in all processes

They are the ones who will make the transition effective. Employees see their working conditions improved. Loads and constraints are transferred from the employee to the machines thus reducing hardship and limiting the risks of musculoskeletal disorders. To facilitate these new practices, the company should guarantee support and applied training.

Towards industry 4.0

With you to meet the challenges of tomorrow

At the crossroads of ecological, energy and digital transitions, the robotics of the future lies at the centre of the industry of the future.

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing today’s best practices to manufacture better tomorrow. It includes consideration for the environment, reduction of risks at work and integration of new technologies. The plant will be cleaner, connected and will promote interaction between humans and robots.

The objective is to be more competitive. This (r)evolution impacts all sectors and directs businesses towards an ecological transition that is becoming a source of economic development.

Robot collaboratif de nouvelle génération, KUKA LBR iiwa

Next generation Robot coworker, KUKA LBR iiwa

A client testimonial

ARPITEC and KUKA, the integration of next generation robots

KUKA Roboter GmbH is a manufacturer of robots and technologies for the industry of the future. To customers who want to modernize their production facilities, KUKA provides responsive and customized service. Projects carried out in collaboration with ARPITEC can integrate the latest generation of innovative solutions.

Internet, smartphones, tablets and connected devices are integrated into modern society and have now become natural elements of our lives. Based on this new generation, large groups such as KUKA have anticipated this revolution currently underway and have already been deploying innovative solutions combining real and virtual worlds (1).

The opinion of Mr Christian VERBRUGGE, Sales Director for Innovation and Manufacturing at KUKA.

Christian VERBRUGE, Sales Director Innovation & Manufacturing Kuka Roboter GmhH, Groupe KUKA AG« My vision of the factory of the future is initially that of an empty factory that transforms itself at the customer’s request. At the start of production, people, tools and robots go into action autonomously and safely.

Everything is coordinated through an integrated intelligent, cloud-based system which allows them to communicate.

The autonomy of these elements is enabled by a multitude of measurements coming from various sensors (vision, effort, RFID, etc.) coordinated by artificial intelligence continually adapting to its environment ».

About KUKA Roboter GmbH, KUKA AG Group

  • Head office : Augsburg (DE)
  • Activity : industrial robot manufacturer

(1) Christian VERBRUGE, Sales Director Innovation & Manufacturing Kuka Roboter GmhH, KUKA AG Group. Extract from the article L’usine du futur, l’aire de jeu de la génération « R », Equip’Prod, N° 68A september 2015.


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